A project to engage Iowa’s progressive voices of faith in protecting Iowa’s fair and impartial courts.

​_____ I pledge to support Iowa’s courts and work to ensure they are protected against the influence of special interest groups and money. I pledge to stand up, use my voice, and TAKE ACTION in support of Iowa’s fair and impartial courts!

Ways that I might TAKE ACTION include:
•  Sign this pledge to TAKE ACTION!
•  Ask my friends and family to sign this pledge to TAKE ACTION!
•  Find opportunities to educate others on the importance of Iowa’s fair and impartial courts and the need to protect our courts from special interest groups and money.
•  Talk with my elected officials about my support of the courts, especially if there is an attack on the courts through the legislative process.
•  Speak up and use my voice to protect Iowa’s courts if there is an attack in the future, particularly in the 2016 retention election.
A Pledge to Take Action
Supporting Iowa’s Fair and Impartial Courts

People of faith and of no faith understand the important role that Iowa’s fair and impartial courts play in our government. As an equal and independent partner of the other two branches of government, the judicial branch is charged with the primary duty to uphold our state’s Constitution and then to deliver justice to all citizens in a fair manner based on the facts and applicable law.

​It is imperative that Iowa’s judicial branch be protected against political attacks designed to harm the balance of justice, giving an undue advantage to special interests. It is also crucial that the money of those special interests not be allowed to influence judicial elections. The courts can only be fair and impartial if the justices and judges are allowed to make decisions without the threat of revenge by special interests and are not influenced by money donated for or against their re-election. Everyday Iowans understand the critical need to protect Iowa’s courts and to stand up in support of it.