A project to engage Iowa’s progressive voices of faith in protecting Iowa’s fair and impartial courts.

Three legs of a stool.

​That is the comparison often used to describe the three branches of our government. It takes all three legs — executive, legislative, and judicial — to maintain the strength of our democracy. When the power of one leg is diminished, the democracy suffers.

JUST Courts is a project designed to ensure the strength of Iowa’s judicial system and its well-respected, fair and impartial courts. JUST Courts works in collaboration with Justice Not Politics, the state’s leading coalition working specifically to protect the courts in Iowa. The work of JUST Courts is engaging progressive people of faith, both clergy and lay people, and empowering them to use their voices in support of Iowa’s courts. After all, people of faith use the courts themselves in many different ways and we care about issues of social justice that are impacted by the courts.

JUST Courts needs your voice to ensure special interest groups are never again successful in their efforts to play politics with our courts!