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A project to engage Iowa’s progressive voices of faith in protecting Iowa’s fair and impartial courts.

Take Action

Education is always key. Each of us must educate ourselves on the structure of the courts, the role of the courts, and how our system of merit selection and retention works. Why do we have this system and why is it the best in the country? Isn’t voting for the retention of a judge the same as voting for a legislator or the governor? If I get to “vote” on the retention of justices and judges, why shouldn't I just vote someone off the bench because I don’t agree with a decision they made?

The following websites are great resources:

Justice Not Politics
Justice Not Politics –Know Your Courts
Iowa Judicial Branch
Justice at Stake
Brennan Center for Justice

•  Join the JUST Courts project and support its efforts.
•  Sign on to Justice Not Politics also! Your support of both organizations is important.
•  Send us your contact info and
sign the pledge in support of our work.

•  Create opportunities for conversation. Whether it is at your house of worship, within your family, talking with a friend or neighbor, discuss the issue and why you are passionate about protecting Iowa’s fair and impartial courts.
•  Invite staff from JUST Courts to speak at your house of worship, local clergy group, or other civic opportunity. Whether it is a small group or large gathering, we need your help connecting with other progressive clergy, people of faith, and people of no faith.

 SIGN THE PLEDGE to take action and to protect Iowa’s fair and impartial courts!
•  Ask family, friends, clergy, members of your house of worship, neighbors, and others to
sign the pledge.
•  Post the pledge on Facebook. Send the link in an email.
•  Help us organize and empower faith leaders, clergy, and members of the faith community to support fair and impartial courts. Do you know like-minded folks who should know about JUST Courts? Connect us to them. (Send us their email address or link them to the
JUST Courts website.) Help us connect with progressive Iowans of faith and no faith around the state.
​•  Write a letter to the editor to your local newspaper, highlighting the need for fair and impartial courts and to stop efforts to politicize our courts. Need help writing it? Contact our staff and we’ll be happy to assist you!